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Computer / PC / M3U – 1 Month IPTV Subscription


✅ Smart IPTV Subscription, Try our 24H Hours Free Trial, 100% No Buffering, Supporting all Devices & Enjoy +6000 Movies & TV Show and new Everyday.

Once paid via Paypal, wait a few moments or contact us here!.


IPTV M3U / IPTV Lists / PC – 1 Month IPTV Subscription

IPTV M3U / IPTV Lists /PC: More than 3000 4k, FHD, HD and SD channels and more than 3000 VODS (Movies, series, documentaries, children anime, sports … etc).
Stable servers, High-quality, high availability & NO BUFFERING!

Available channels: France, Belgium, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Germany, Netherlands, Arabic, UK, Latino, Turkey, USA, Canada, Africa, India, Sweden…

Compatible with all devices: PC /  Computer / Mac
Also, all versions and OS.

IPTV M3U / IPTV Lists /PC 1 Month Premium & Super Vod IPTV пакет.

IPTV M3U / IPTV Lists /PC / Computer IPTV Subscription offers a wide choice of English channels, French channels, Arab, and all international channels, you can consult the list of our channels on this page: IPTV channels IPTV subscriptions services are compatible with your PC, Macs, and computers.

IPTV PACK offers 4 packages beside of 24H Free Trial: IPTV Subscription 1 Month, IPTV Subscription 3 months, IPTV Subscription 6 Months and IPTV 12 Months Subscription.

We offer discounts to our customers, mostly on 6 months and 12 months subscriptions.
With our IPTV пакет you can watch more than 9000 channels at the highest quality possible and enjoy all new Netflix movies and series.

On-Demand Movies, IPTV PACK also comes with VOD / On Demand movies. We have added many recent and popular videos, Movies, TV Shows (Series), Netflix, and new every day…
Although we believe that you will never be in trouble, but if for any reason you need support or training to install your service, just contact us via the website or email. We will be with you at any time of the day!

Please use our tutorial in case you need help on how to set it up, SUPER EASY: IPTV on VLC – Computer – PC

MyIpTV is an app designed by Microsoft that offer you 1 month IPTV subscription watching capabilities without installing any 3rd party software. All you need to run MyIpTV is a Windows 10 PC and access to Microsoft Store. Once MyIpTV is installed then you need to follow these steps to set it up. Open MyIPTV app. The screen that will appear is not very good looking but will improve after the setup is complete. Click on ‘Settings’ then click ” Add New Playlist” and choose EPG source. In the middle of the screen, you will see the ‘Remote channel list’. Click on that box and enter your preferred IPTV name 1 month IPTV subscriptionIn the part that says ” Enter Remote Source”, you want to type in your IPTV subscription M3U link. Choose the TV program you want to watch and enjoy. This VLC media player is an open-source multimedia player that can easily be installed on any device and that can play a variety of file formats. You can also play DVDs and CDs. VLC supports almost all audio and video compression methods and file formats and is even able to stream media over computer networks and to transcode multimedia files. VLC comes with numerous free decoding and encoding libraries. The ‘libvacodec library‘ from FFmpeg provides many of VLC’s codecs but the player also has some built-in codecs. VLC became more popular being the first player to support playback of encrypted DVDs using its libdvcss DVD decryption library. One of the best features of this tiny program is the fact that it can also stream and run IPTV with m3u files. If you have the latest version of VLC, you can stream TV from IPTV through the user-friendly interface.

1 month IPTV subscription


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