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IPTV Android Box TutorialIPTV Android Box

You bought an Android box and now you want to install IPTV on it?

You are in the right place: the tutorial shows how to install IPTV on an Android Box with using an example as MQX 4K pro plus.

1) Connect your Android Box to the internet.

Your Android Box must be connected to a Wifi via the settings.

Log in as a conventional device, go to settings, choose the network, insert the code.

As soon as your Android Box is connected to the wifi, there is a sign of WIFI that is displayed at the top of the home page of the box.

P.S. You can also connect the box via Ethernet.

Go to Settings / Connections and choose Ethernet.

In this case, you will have the sign “network” in the home panel.

In both cases, you must test your connection.

You can start the internet on the box or YouTube to check that it is connected to the internet.

2) Download the application (App link) in the email you received following your order. (After you Buy IPTV subscription)

to download it, simply click on the link and it will download automatically.

Here is the link to have a test code for IPTV Android Box:

IPTV Free Trial

Either you download it directly from the box (best solution)

Either you download the application from a PC, you copy the file to a key.

Then insert the USB key on the box.

3) Launch the application “App install” on the box.

The application will search on the box and on the key and find the application to download.

Click on the application, click on “install” and the application installs.

4) Go to “my apps” on the box. Launch the application, a code is required.

5) Insert the code you received by email in the “activation code” section

Press OK

6) IPTV starts and you enjoy the service!

Enjoy your IPTV Android Box Subscription. 😉

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