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About our Premium IPTV Service

IPTV-Subscription.me Provides you with a stable Premium IPTV service, our subscription can be used on several devices such as Smart TVs, Smartphones, Android/Apple devices, and on MAG boxes. You can start with 24H Free Trial.

IPTV-Subscription.me is a High-Quality IPTV subscription provider with many years of experience, we have a playlist of more than 10.000 channels in full HD and SD & VODS of updated movies and series. IPTV-Subscription servers are efficient and stable which will ensure you better quality when watching channels & VOD in HD with zero Buffering. IPTV-Subscription.me Subscriptions are compatible with Smart TV Samsung, LG, Sony, and all the Android TV thanks to the app “GSE Smart IPTV” or “IPTV Smarters“; The activation is fully automated and without intervention from your part or technical knowledge is needed. Our Smart IPTV service and also compatible with Android TV BOX, All MAG Box (250,254,256,322,353 .. etc) PC (VLC, KODI), Android & iOS Smartphone and Tablet M3u, iPhone, Apple TV, iPad… We have an IPTV Free Trial option to test our service before you purchase, totally FREE and No credit card is required!

1. What is Premium IPTV?
IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) is a method of delivering television content over the Internet using digital video compression techniques. IPTV uses the internet protocol suite (TCP/IP), which provides transmission control protocol/internet protocol (TCP/IP). IPTV is based on MPEG-2 transport stream technology.
2. Why should I use IPTV?
With our Premium IPTV Service, you get access to thousands of channels and movies online. You can watch live TV, catch up on your favorite shows, and even record programs to watch later. There’s no need to pay for cable anymore.
3. How do I subscribe to IPTV?
You can choose between two different subscription plans: monthly and yearly. Monthly subscriptions start at $15 per month and go up depending on how many channels you want to have access to. Yearly subscriptions start at $99 per year and go up depending on the number of channels you want to have.
4. Is IPTV legal?
Yes! IPTV is completely legal. No matter what kind of plan you choose, you’ll always have access to great programming.
5. Can I watch sports on IPTV?
Yes! You can watch live sporting events and even record them to watch later.
6. Does IPTV work in Canada?
Yes! IPCTV works just fine in Canada.
7. Where can I find IPTV?
You’ll find IPTV everywhere. Most major cities have IPTV providers. Check out www.iptv.ca to find out if any local providers are available near you


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We deliever your service in few moments of the order during the day, and in few hours during the night and weekends.

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Most of our channels are HD & FHD, the rest is 4K. Contact us by email, phone, Whatsapp, and chat.


Of course, we care about your safety as much as we do for ourselves. We provide only the most secure payments methods.

1. IPTV – Internet Protocol Television

Premium IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) is a digital television service delivered over a computer network using Internet protocols. It is similar to cable television, except that it uses Internet data packets instead of radio waves. IPTV services are often bundled with broadband internet access.

2. HDTV – High-Definition TV

Premium IPTV HDTV (High-Definition Television) is a type of electronic visual display technology that provides higher resolution than standard definition television (SDTV). It is capable of displaying video content at a much higher quality than SDTV.

3. DVR – Digital Video Recorder

A digital video recorder (DVR) is a device that records broadcasted television programs onto a digital storage medium, such as hard disk drive, optical disc, flash memory card, etc. A DVR may record several channels simultaneously.

4. Cable TV – Cable Television

Cable television (also known as CTV, CATV, or sometimes just TV) is a television distribution system wherein the signal is transmitted via cables connecting television sets and televisions to the nearest point of reception.

5. Satellite TV – Satellite Television

Satellite television (also called direct broadcast satellite, DBS, or simply satellite) is a subscription television service offered by various companies. These systems use geostationary satellites orbiting around the equator to transmit signals directly to a dish antenna attached to the television set.

6. On Demand – On Demand

On demand refers to a feature where viewers can select specific programming to watch Premium IPTV whenever they want, rather than having to wait until their favorite show airs.

7. Pay Per View – Pay Per View
By Premium IPTV Pay per view (PPV) is a pay-per-view television service in which consumers pay extra to view certain events live, without being obligated to purchase a regular television package. PPVs are generally provided by cable and satellite providers.


Premium IPTV | Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Really Understand IPTV?

When it comes to the hard-fought battle capturing the attention of a living room audience, one of the hottest topics in the realm of networking and communications is the use of IPTV. While it is not a new concept, the actual potential of the technology that is behind it is still misunderstood by many. This is not just the average consumer that misunderstands what exactly IPTV is, but also a number of people in the communications and UK TV industry, as well. This has stifled the potential of the technology for reaching its full capabilities. 

What IPTV Is Not?

First, you should understand what IPTV is not. It is not TV that is sent over the Internet. Even though the “IP” in the name does stand for Internet protocol, it does not mean that people are able to long on to a Web page and access various UK TV programs. The IP actually refers to the method that is used for sending information through a secure and tightly managed network, which results in an entertainment experience that is superior to any other.

How IPTV Works?

If you use a UK TV provider that offers IPTV, you may have wondered how exactly this technology works. IPTV works by converting a traditional television signal into a small packet of computer data. This is much like any other type of online traffic such as a web page or an email. When IPTV is used, there are three main components that must be present. The first component is the TV, as well as the content head end, which is where the actual television channels are received and then encoded, as well as other content such as videos, which can be stored. The next component is the actual delivery network, which is a landline and broadband network that is provided by a telecom operator.

The last component is the set top box, which is needed at the customer’s location. The packets are then reassembled into the programming software that is in the set-top box. When the IPTV is installed, this box will be connected in between the broadband modem of the operator and the customer’s actual television. Abonnement IPTV France

The Superiority it offers

If you are wondering why this version of UK TV is better, it is because a service provider is able to deliver an entertainment experience that is more personalized for consumers. This means that the end result is providing compelling content to consumers, advertisers and providers and it never sacrifices the benefit of good business economics.

Specifically, IPTV allows a service provider the ability to only deliver the channels that a consumer wants access to at that particular time – unlike the traditional methods of television broadcasting. UK TV providers that offer this are now able to deliver basketball games to anyone that wants to view them, instead of just a specific local community.

IPTV also offers a number of other benefits to consumers. One of the most appealing benefits is the fact that it has raised the concept of interactive television to a whole new level. Even though interactive TV is something that has been available for several decades, it has not offered much more than a selection of different camera angles that an event can be viewed from. With IPTV the viewer has the ability to access an event, as well as the information that is related to it. UK TV customers now have the ability to view live footage of games and see stats, while watching an entirely different game.

Since IPTV uses the standard network protocols it offers a much lower cost for the operators and UK TV providers, as well as lower prices for the end consumer. With a set-top box is used along with the broadband internet connection, then video is able to be streamed to the customer’s household much more efficiently than traditional cable. The only delay that is typically seen with IPTV is the fact that there can be delays if a customer does not have a connection that is fast enough to support the video, programs or other content that is being streamed. IPTV France

IPTV versus Satellite Television

Many UK TV consumers opt for satellite television; however, when compared to the features offered by IPTV, there are a number of benefits that this more technological advanced option has to offer. The biggest complaint that is received from satellite television consumers relates to the quality of the service that is received, especially in the instance of poor weather. This is typically an issue in the rainy season or during bad storms. Sine satellite television requires the satellite dish to receive the programs that are requested, if there is bad weather, the programs that are offered can be limited significantly. With IPTV, the services are giving through the actual Internet and as a result have the advantage since these services are never affected by poor or adverse weather.

Remote Control

Since all of this is delivered through a secure data network, it provides users the ability to find information that is specific to player’s right on the television, while they are watching another game. Additionally, you have the ability to send home movies or photos from your computer on to your television, send a message to your friends while you are watching a show “together,” even across a wide distance, and even see caller ID information through your television. However, the most appealing feature is the time shifting ability offered to UK TV users, which will allow you to watch what you want to, whenever you want to. Even better, you can use your cell phone to manage your programs, or your kid’s programs, even when you are not at home

Benefits Offered to Businesses

However, IPTV is not just beneficial for consumers, it is also great for businesses. It offers a “personal cast” delivery means that there are fewer options for content to be stolen. This costs the cable industry billions of dollars in unrealized revenue each and every year. Since the network that is being used is so secure, and it has the ability to gather and use all types of information in regard to a consumers watching preferences, it is the ideal platform to add a number of advertising, e-commerce and many other capabilities. The fact is, advertisers are getting better at discovering the behavior of consumers that have digital video recorders, since they will have the ability to reduce the number of low-impact ads and enhance the use of ads that are personalized, which will drive them meaningful results for their business, as well as more impulse purchases.

Flexibility of IPTV

When a UK TV provider opts to move to IPTV, there are a number of flexibility advantages presented when compared to the co-ax cable distribution method of TV, which include:

  • The IPTV system will use your existing computer network. This means no new cables and no additional hassles.
  • IPTV is going to work with all types of display devices, including computer desktops, LCD displays, Plasma displays, projectors and televisions.
  • With IPTV, you can move the display around. All you have to do is connect to the closest IT network point that will show video and TV.
  • The remote IPTV system management provides management of all IPTV equipment with the use of a web browser.
  • With IPTV, you can easily add on future additions or expansions, upgrades, new user grades and new channels. Additionally, all of this is able to be handled remotely.

In addition to these benefits that are offered in terms of flexibility for your UK TV, when you select IPTV, you will also be provided with the following features: rolling recording; scheduled playback; business TV channels; scheduled recording; digital signage; video on demand.

Expedited Payoff

With the advertising and content industries getting to know IPTV even better, they have begun to see the opportunities for their business, as well as from the improved security that is offered by UK TV for a more measureable type of business results.

Additionally, when IPTV capabilities are built into a network it will allow a service provider to offer data and voice as well. This will fulfill the promise of a single and secure network that all types of services are able to be delivered. This is important since it serves as a way to completely change the operational costs for a provider as time passes. This will lead to continual savings, as well as much better services for consumers, as well as a wider access to a number of new services.

While the most recognized portion of the acronym IPTV is the “TV” portion, this does not mean that it is the most important factor. The shift in UK TV is going toward an all “IP” based communications. This will change consumer’s entertainment experience, as well as their entire communication experience. It will place the users in the direct center of their entire communications universe, allowing them to select the device that is most appropriate for use at a particular given time.


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