How to install Smart IPTV server & Smartphones

Smart IPTV, how does it work?

IPTV is a service that allows you to watch TV through only ADSL, Fiber or 4G broadband. The IPTV does not need Cable or satellite, a simple internet connection is enough or a 4G coverage.

So you can benefit from our smart IPTV service on any device: Smartphone – Tablet – Smart TV Samsung – Smart TV LG …

Our Services are not geolocated, so you can use them all over the world.
IPTVPACK offer is very well supplied with all the packs and more than 1600 channels: watch BEIN SPORT IPTV, CANAL PLUS IPTV, SFR SPORT IPTV, Chamions league IPTV …

What is the speed of Internet connection needed?

The speed differs depending on the quality of the video. For HD quality, the recommended minimum is 5 Mbps, for SD quality the minimum is 2 Mbps.

Can I watch IPTV Channels on Android Smartphone?

Yes, IPTVPACK’s IPTV Servers are compatible with any Android Phone, Tablet or TV device via several Android applications including “GSE IPTV”. Just install it and enter the IP address, the LOGIN and the PASSWORD that will be sent to you when you order a IPTV Subscription.

Will it work where I live?

Our smart IPTV Subscription Service requires only an internet connection to function, whether in USA, Australia, KSA, UAE, Gabon, Senegal, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Brazil, Canada, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and all over the world.

How should I order?

The procedure is very simple, just go to the page: IPTV Subscription Plans then choose your device and duration, and click on the “Order” button, you will be redirected to a page to complete your order and pay by credit card or Paypal.

Are there any additional fees?

No charge will be asked during the period of your subscription, you will fully enjoy the best TV channels directly on your TV.

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